Hardcore Soundtrack

Jack Nitzsche's soundtrack for Paul Schrader's Hardcore [1979] has never been officially released, but Twilight Time's recent Blu-ray re-issue features an isolated score audio track, a cue from which is featured above.

Mirroring the film's structure, the score opens with religious themed organ music and slowly transforms into seedy pulsating synths as George C Scott travels in search of his daughter. These two opposite textures occasionally blend together, an example of which can be heard at the tail end of the uploaded cue.

I recommend browsing Twilight Time's website to take a look at their Blu-ray catalogue. It's nice to see some love given to forgotten titles such as Arthur Penn's The Chase [1966], Andrei Konchalovsky's Runaway Train [1985] and Alan Parker's Mississippi Burning [1988], all of which also include isolated score tracks.

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